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Fengshui Republic is the only ISO9001-certified Malaysian institute that offers complete, comprehensive courses in Fengshui and Chinese Metaphysics. Acquiring knowledge in Chinese Metaphysics allows you to understand yourself and others, avoid being a victim of fraud, and learn extensive lessons with Fengshui Republic.

Bazi may look challenging and mystifying, but in reality – it is not! Here, we present Bazi lessons in easy-to-understand way with practical examples to help you unlock the secret codes of your fortune.

Still doubtful? Find your questions answered below:

A professional course for self-improvement

Bazi refers to the eight components of our birth year, month, day and hour; these components allow us to better understand our personality, and our relationships with our family, spouse and children. Bazi are also codes for us to understand our career directions and development paths. To learn Bazi is to understand ourselves, and to improve our lives.

So, what is stopping you from learning more about yourself? Let’s look at the frequently asked questions below.

  1. The purpose of Bazi is to allow us to understand ourselves better. It is a useful tool for us to navigate our life path. For example, if you are a salaried worker, after learning Bazi you will be able to understand your overall fortune and how to avoid pitfalls in your life. You will discover the best time to take actions and the best time to wait. If you are a business owner, Bazi helps you to understand your business partners and employees more, so that you can devise ways for them to showcase their strengths.
  1. Yes. Bazi can show us our Five Elements, Greater Fortune and true personality. With this information, we will know what suits us best and which career path we should chose. All these will increase our chances to achieve early success.
  1. In ancient times, Bazi was a deeply profound knowledge; it would require 10 years to master Bazi. Thanks to modern learning methods, we can provide you with easy-to-understand charts and practical examples to simplify the learning process, while understanding the accuracy of Bazi.
  1. Definitely! Bazi will help us understand ourselves and others better quickly. If you want to be a professional Bazi master, then our course is for you. You will gain complete knowledge in Bazi so you can interpret others’ Bazi more accurately, and impress others as an extraordinary Bazi master!
    • We are the only ISO9001-certified Fengshui and Chinese Metaphysics institute offering systematic lessons.
    • Our proprietary and unique Bazi software will help you to master the lessons easily.
    • Bazi is a highly complex field of knowledge and if the charts are done manually, it would take you years to master the entire system.
    • Fengshui Republic has a decade of teaching experience and we offer comprehensive, systematic Bazi lessons for you to master effortlessly.
    • Those who wish to know their potentials and fortune.
    • Those who want to know when they should make their first career moves.
    • Those who wish to strategize their lives better should join the Bazi course because understanding our Bazi allows us to change our lives for the better.