Fengshui knowledge allows you to understand Fengshui better and to know what is or not auspicious, and to avoid being a victim of fraud.

Fengshui Republic is the only ISO9001-certified Malaysian institute that offers complete, comprehensive courses in Fengshui and Chinese Metaphysics. We are the first institution to teach complete Fengshui knowledge - from the first to the last layers of Luo Pan or Fengshui compass, including various schools of Fengshui like Three Harmonies, Three Cycles, Nine Stars and Landform. These comprehensive Fengshui knowledge allows you to understand Fengshui better and to know what is or not auspicious, and to avoid being a victim of fraud.

Fengshui Course Q&A
  1. We are the only Fengshui institute that teaches complete knowledge in Fengshui. It is not just Fengshui that we are teaching, we also teach our students on date selection to utilize the benefits of time, location and human factors. We have also developed our own Fengshui compass, and our students will benefit from practical fieldwork. We do not just teach Fengshui; we teach the complete knowledge of Fengshui. Success examples are crucial in our learning and we should always learn from those who are successful.
  1. Those who wish to live a better life should join this course, as this course allows you to enjoy better living environment through utilizing the Earth’s energy to improve our magnetic field.
  2. Those who wish to enjoy business growth or improvement in career can also use Fengshui to enhance their energy to improve their fortune.
  1. Fengshui is not difficult to master if you understand basic Mandarin. It is even easier to learn with Master Loh’s easy-to-understand instructions together with our comprehensible charts. If you are still unable to master the course, a one-time-payment will allow you to attend the course again until you can grasp the course matters for minimal cost.
  1. It is not necessary to enrol for all Fengshui courses If it is only for personal interest. You can choose the Beginner and/or Intermediate levels. Many of our students learn Fengshui to make better choices in house selection or make better Fengshui arrangements. By learning basic Fengshui, you will be able to harmonize your house and differentiate between facts and superstitious beliefs.
  1. If you wish to be a Fengshui Master, our Fengshui courses are for you! Our instructor has years of experience teaching thousands of students with solid practical experience, pragmatic, and concise knowledge. It should be noted that our institute is the first Fengshui institute that offers Chinese-language Fengshui courses, from Household Fengshui to Tomb Fengshui and the techniques of Fengshui Compass from the first section to the last section.
  1. Certainly! If you happen to find out there are differences of what you have learned before with the current courses, and you are unable to follow the paces, we advise you to take the Beginner’s Course and interact more with the beginner students. By revising what you have learned, surely you will learn something new.