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Fengshui Republic is the only ISO9001-certified Malaysian institute offering complete, comprehensive courses in Fengshui and Chinese Metaphysics. Acquiring knowledge in Chinese Metaphysics allows you to understand yourself and others, avoid being a victim of fraud, and learn extensive lessons with Fengshui Republic.

In Fengshui Republic’s course, you will acquire profound physiognomy knowledge via our easy-to-understand system. Coupled with practical Bazi reading examples, you will understand your fortune’s development and how to avoid negative outcomes.

Professional Physiognomy course - Understand the keys of your fortune through your face

Physiognomy is the knowledge of face-reading that allows us to read a person’s personality and thoughts through his or her facial features. Physiognomy is also a key for us to truly understand ourselves. It also allows us to tap into our potentials to achieve goals and wealth that we desire and uncover hidden secrets.

Physiognomy Course Q&A
  1. Fengshui Republic is the only ISO9001-certified Malaysian Fengshui institute renowned for its systematic teaching. We conduct lively teaching methods with numerous examples to ensure students master the course easily.
  1. All of us interact with others, therefore our Physiognomy course is ideal for everyone. Physiognomy gives us the advantage of reading a person’s attitudes and inner-self without obtaining the birth year, month, date and hour. In short, Physiognomy greatly helps our everyday life.
    • Hiring new employees? Physiognomy can help you read your candidates better.
    • Who to delegate a special project to? Physiognomy will help you to choose the right person for the job.
    • Making new friends? Physiognomy can help you choose the right friends and avoid enemies.
  • Understanding yourself and improving your fortune.
  • Understanding others and avoiding pitfalls.
  • Understanding your customers and adopting the right strategy and improve your business opportunities.
  • Learn how to have unique conversational topics.
  1. Certainly! There’s a Chinese saying which says that one’s mind will change one’s face. This means that our attitude will manifest on our face. Master Loh will provide practical knowledge on how to improve our face’s Qi to improve our fortune.
  1. Physiognomy is the easiest of our courses. Master Loh will provide actual examples to make the learning process fun and easy. While it is possible to learn Physiognomy through books, having a teacher will help us to grasp the important points of Physiognomy. If you are still unable to master the course, a one-time-payment will allow you to attend the course again and again until you succeed.