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Fengshui Republic is the only ISO9001-certified Malaysian institute that offers complete, comprehensive courses in Fengshui and Chinese Metaphysics. Acquiring knowledge in Chinese Metaphysics allows you to understand yourself and others, avoid being a victim of fraud, and learn extensive lessons with Fengshui Republic.

Qimen Dunjia is an art and science used by ancient Chinese strategists to devise their moves and tactics. Fengshui Republic now teaches this knowledge form in an easy-to-understand way, aided by proprietary software to help you master Qimen Dunjia.

A Professional Course for Strategizing Your Moves

As an ancient knowledge form used by military strategists in the past, Qimen Dunjia benefits those who wish to start their own business. Applying this ancient wisdom in business will allow you to influence and improve the desired results. We can use this knowledge to locate the cosmic energy field and discover our potentials and create our own future.

Qimen Course Q&A
  1. Fengshui Republic is the only ISO9001-certified Fengshui and Chinese Metaphysics Institute using highly systematic teaching methods to help you master Qimen Dunjia. You will also learn how to strategize from a macro perspective and use successful stories to help you understand the fundamentals of Qimen Dunjia.
  • Those running their own business, because the business world is a battlefield. Qimen Dunjia allows us to master the entire situation, win over clients and elevate our careers to greater heights.
  • Qimen Dunjia will be helpful for business owners facing human resource issues.
  • Qimen Dunjia can provide effective strategies for those wishing to start their own business or salaried employees.
  • Most importantly, Qimen Dunjia is all about tapping natural energies to improve our livelihood.
  • Mastering Qimen Dunjia is painstakingly long and arduous. However, our proprietary and unique software is designed to help you master Qimen Dunjia easily.
  • Anyone can master our Qimen Dunjia course. You will be able to apply what you have learnt anytime, anywhere with Fengshui Republic’s easy learning system.
  1. Mastering Qimen Dunjia is like having an invisible strategist to advise you on how to maximize your desired results and minimize unwanted events.