Fengshui at a Glance is a Landform Fengshui Method, and integration of the Xing Luan system from Hong Kong and Xing Jia system from Taiwan. This method is astonishingly accurate and can show precise results.

Fengshui Republic is the only Malaysia institute that offers complete, comprehensive courses in Fengshui and Chinese Metaphysics and has received the ISO9001 international certification. It is also the first of such institution that teaches both Xing Luan and Xing Jia knowledge, allowing the general public to access to this profound ancient wisdom and benefit from it.

Xing Luan System

Over a decade ago, when Master Loh visited a friend in Hong Kong, he heard that there was a limp temple caretaker who does not use Fengshui Compass, yet he can accurately predict the fortune, and even the time of the events of the households he saw. Some rumors even claim he summons spirits to inspect the Fengshui for him.

So, Master Loh began his journey to seek for this adept of Fengshui, yet the limp temple caretaker could not be found even after Master Loh attempted to look for him for two years.

Finally, 8 years ago Master Loh managed to find the adept; the friendship between the two was forged and they had a lot to talk about. However, the limp temple caretaker refused to teach Master Loh about Fengshui, stating that he had promised his own master that he would keep the knowledge as a secret until five years later. After knowing this, Master Loh no longer asked the old adept to teach him the art of Fengshui, though whenever he went to Hong Kong he would meet up with the adept.

In the autumn of 2013, when Master Loh visited the limp temple caretaker, the adept expressed his will to teach Master Loh the art of Xing Luan. The adept said that the promise of making the knowledge a secret for five years has long passed, and that he found Master Loh the right and trustworthy person to inherit the knowledge. Since then, Master Loh has become the only disciple of this great master

Xing Jia System

Decades ago, a Buddhist monk from mainland China travelled to Taiwan and sought to cross a huge river. He was aided by a kind fisherman, and to repay the latter’s kindness, the monk passed down the knowledge of Xing Jia system of Fengshui to him. After this, the fisherman became known as a great Fengshui master who could divine the auspiciousness of a household and the fortune of its members based on the shape of the house and tomb, without even resorting to the use of Fengshui Compass.

This fisherman is the renowned Fengshui Master Zheng Qingfeng, who only had about a dozen of disciples. The Xing Luan and Xing Jia systems are quite similar; both belong to the Landform School. During a fieldwork on the ancestral tomb of a renowned personality, Master Loh had the opportunity to get to know a disciple of Master Zheng Qingfeng and learned the art of Xing Jia from him.

Based on his years of practical experience, Master Loh integrates the two systems to become the art of Fengshui at a Glance that can accurately forecast fortune of a household and avert ill fate while welcoming auspiciousness to one’s life. Other than that, Master Loh also create the Wealth Setting Method based on years of practical experience.

Now, Master Loh is revealing this precious, complete set of Landform Fengshui knowledge to the public, and hopes that through the Wealth Setting Method everyone can enjoy a prosperous, abundant life.

Fengshui at a Glance
  • A unique Fengshui system that allows you to instantly apply in real life with high accuracy
  • Get to know a household is auspicious or not instantly
  • Learn how to avoid inauspicious formation
  • Learn how to set-up prosperity formation
  • Learn how to set-up formation for good marriage
  • Learn how to set-up formation for good health
  • Learn how to set-up formation for good results in your children’s exams
  • Learn how to set-up formation to make your staff more productive
  • Learn how to set-up formation to welcome beneficial people into your life
  • Learn how to set-up formation to boost your sales
  • Learn how to set-up formation to make your staff more loyal
  • Learn how to set-up formation to improve your career
Fengshui at a Glance is for:
  1. Those who wish to improve their health
  2. Those who wish to improve their financial situation
  3. Those who wish to have a harmonious family life
  4. Those who wish to have a better marital relationship