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You may somehow encounter obstacles and stumbling blocks regardless of whether your company is ideally located, markets great products, have superior management systems and innovative ideas to run the company. Good Commercial Fengshui helps you avert such obstacles and give you clearer perspectives for sound decision-making while ensuring harmonious interpersonal relations for business success.

By determining your Company’s best Fengshui directions and building arrangement, coupled with commercial Five Elements and personal Bazi (elements of year, month, day and hour), we will help locate the best auspicious locations of wealth, intellect, beneficial people and human resource to boost your Company’s Fengshui.


  • On site Feng Shui Audit, Analysis and Evaluation
  • Internal & External Environment Analysis
  • Reception Feng Shui and Spirit Wall
  • Office Entrance
  • Activation of Auspicious Sector
  • Wealth Corner Activation
  • Owner and key employees office analysis
  • Personal auspicious direction
  • Office sitting layout and Meeting room arrangement
  • Date and Sector selection for Groundbreaking
  • Date selection for Opening
  • Opening process flow
  • Full Color and Comprehensive Report

Fengshui Colour Report

Fengshui Republic


We will visit the site to audit the exterior and interior of the property in accordance to the owner’s Bazi against the premises. The Feng Shui assessment will be based on the theories and calculations of San He and San Yuan Feng Shui.

  1. RM1000 deposit for apointment confirmation.
  1. Employer and Key Employees Bazi. Customer provide property layout plan according to scale.
  1. We will visit the site for Fengshui assessment. Any question can be asked during the session.
  1. Full payment shall be make in advanced or on the spot.
  1. Collect full report three weeks after the site visit.
  1. Date Selection for groundbreaking.
  1. Customer may call or email if have any doubt or questions during renovation/construction.
  1. Date Selection for moving-in.