Fengshui Republic

Combining both the ancient art of Fengshui and modern design, giving your dream home full of positive Fengshui energy to boost your household fortune.

Many of us spend one third of our time at home. Household Fengshui application helps by ensuring harmonious and quality living to benefit our health, finance, career and relationship with others.


  • On site Feng Shui Audit, Analysis and Evaluation
  • External Environment Analysis
  • Internal Environment Analysis
  • Door, Kitchen and Bedroom Adjustment
  • Activation of Auspicious Sector
  • Enhance the Peach Blossom relationship
  • Activate the wealth corner
  • Wealth, study and career corner
  • Date and Sector selection for
  • Groundbreaking
  • Date selection for Moving-in
  • House moving-in process flow
  • Full Color and Comprehensive Report

Fengshui Colour Report

Fengshui Republic Fengshui Republic


"I Found Out Master Loh’s Services Are High Quality,High Standard And Trustworthy"

Angie Ng

"After Conducting The Fengshui Survey, The Team Provided Me A Copy Of Our Very Own Fengshui Report And Explained To Us Everything In Details"

Paula Lin

"It Is In This House After Conducting The Fengshui Survey Our Child Grew Up Healthily And Happily, And That Our Family Lives Harmoniously."

Yin Lee

"After Master Loh’s Fengshui Arrangement, My Business, Family And Wealth See Great Improvement."

Louis Lai

"To Give A Child A Good Name Is Better Than Giving Him Or Her A Thousand Gold."

Ong Bee Yun

"After Moved To New House Selected By Master Loh, We Live Peacefully And Harmoniously Ever Since."

Hong Pik Yee

"Master Loh And His Team Are Very Professional."

Shim Woon Choon

"The Company’s Energy Flow Did Become Better; Its Business Development And The Debt Collection Became Much More Efficient, And The Staff Turnover Also Became More Stabilized."

Jeremy Kee

"My Company Expand So Rapidly, And I Am Able To Enjoy A Comfortable House And Working Place Too!"

Sun Low

"Fengshui Republic Is A Trustworthy Choice; Its Professionalism And Positive Attitude Has Provided Us Truly One-Stop, Comprehensive Fengshui Services."

Adam Ang

"I Hoped To Get Some Advices From Some Pragmatic, Scientific-Minded New Generation Of Fengshui Master."

Liang Hill

"Having Good Fengshui Helps My Family’s Luck and Career!"

Erny Looi Chee E

  1. RM1000 deposit for apointment confirmation.
  1. DOB of Family members & house layout plan.
  1. We will visit the site for Fengshui assessment. Any question can be asked during the session.
  1. Full payment shall be make in advanced or on the spot.
  1. Collect full report three weeks after the site visit.
  1. Date Selection for groundbreaking.
  1. Customer may call or email if have any doubt or questions during renovation/construction.
  1. Date Selection for moving-in.