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Fengshui Republic is the only ISO9001-certified Malaysian institute that offers complete, comprehensive courses in Fengshui and Chinese Metaphysics. Acquiring knowledge in Chinese Metaphysics allows you to understand yourself and others better, avoid being a victim of fraud, and learn extensive lessons with Fengshui Republic.

Yijing (also known as “I-Ching”) or the Book of Changes is the foremost of ancient Chinese classics. It is the heart many Chinese metaphysical traditions, and often referred as the encyclopaedia of Chinese culture. Yijing bears great influence on Chinese philosophy, historiography, literature, religion, natural and social sciences.

Professional Yijing course

Yijing is a systematic management philosophy that traces the rhythms and sequences of all things in the cosmos, like the changing seasons and the rotation of Planet Earth. It is also about the rhythms in human life and changing our destiny, because according to Yijing, all things are subject to change. Yijing can be applied to our modern life.

In our Yijing course, you will be learning the life philosophy of the 64 Hexagrams, and the divination method of Plum Blossom (Meihua Yishu).

Yijing Course Q&A
  • We are the only ISO9001-certified Fengshui and Chinese Metaphysics institute to offer systematic and easy-to-learn lessons.
  • Different teachers have different teaching methods, and everyone will have different interpretations of Yijing in different stages of life. For this reason, you should learn Yijing from experienced and successful persons.
  • For aspiring business owners - learning Yijing will help you understand the thoughts and characteristics of others which will be the key for you to master your own life.
  • For those wishing to strategize their own path and learn how to avoid pitfalls so as to enjoy a smooth, successful life.
  1. Not at all – so long as you understand basic Mandarin. Our instructor’s easy-to-understand teaching method combines modern pedagogy to ensure you will learn something beneficial at the end of the course. If you are still unable to master the course, a one-time-payment will allow you to attend the course again until you succeed.
  1. Yijing is the key to understanding the movement and the universal laws that govern everything. It is useful to help develop and strengthen a country, an enterprise, a family, or even an individual. In ancient China, Yijing is likened to be the emperor of all learnings, and it was and still is learned by politicians, militarists, officers and business people.